Time management for sales teams

Sales managers 👋 Figuring out where your sales reps are spending their time shouldn’t make you seasick. Enjoy a comprehensive view of your team’s interactions to increase impact and sale smoothly.
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Revenue Generating Activities

Anchor to the right activities

Gain context on your reps’ daily interactions to focus effort in the right places, empower their selling strengths, and bring deals closer to closing.

Activity Effectiveness

Easily determine call, email, and video meeting success by viewing pick up, open, and attendance rates in real-time. 

Time Allocation

Ensure their day is spent on what makes the most impact with a detailed view of sales activities in relation to time worked.

Internal vs External

Keep the needle moving in the right direction with color coded insights that show how much effort is spent on in-house activity vs client interactions.

Set sale for free

As a beta product, our goal is to continuously learn from users like you – frontline sales managers who crave comprehensive activity data. Sign up to help mold the future of sales.

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Finding trends

Propel proactive coaching

Don’t wait for a problem to find you. Discover trends & uncover teachable moments in real time to optimize daily workflows.

Time Gaps

Advance quality assurance coaching by utilizing daily insights to help your team focus unused time on what moves leads through the funnel.

New Reps

Rapidly assure that your most recent hires are 1) a true fit and 2) performing on par by coupling data analysis with your onboard and training curriculum.

Empower selling strengths

Allow your reps to do more of their best activities and watch as the data backs up your feedback and their success.

Chart a course for growth

Learn how to navigate unknown waters of inside sales with us; anchored by proven strategies and high-tide techniques

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